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Introduction to our company                                        

                     A Company registered under the Companies Act 1956 vide Registration No. PTC 27468 with Registrar of Companies, Jalandhar. The Company is a group of highly experienced,qualified and well versed skilled professionals in the field of agriculture.We at Srijagat, are also the sellers of Bio- Organic fertilizers, Compost Fertilizers and are dedicated towards delivering real and safe organic products to protect you from the impact of dangerous and harmful chemicals.
Caring of structure foundation done by Farmer.
Farmer  will arrange to hand over duly flattened land required for construction of the poly house and also provide cement, concrete for foundation, free accommodation with drinking water & free electricity for site workers of us.
PH, EC test of soil  and water will be done by the farmer.  
Farmer will provide sand and fertile soil to beds as prescribed by our specialists and tractor for ploughing the area and motor pump (for fogger), water tank with water line outside the polyhouse for irrigation. Water lines inside the polyhouse project will be arranged by Company.

Schedule of Payment:

1.10% advance payment (Margin money) with confirm order and clearance of site & start of foundation work .
2.50%  of the after loan, This amount for purchasing material(G.I Pipe, Profile, Spring, Clumps and nut bolts) and advance for labour for fixing and assembling G.I structure.
3.30% Amount for purchasing of poly film, shade net insect net, irrigation structure work(Drip, Fogger with fitting etc. & included labour.
4.10% Amount after fixation of Poly film and Nets and before installation of Irrigation System.